Pendo + FullStory

What is it?

Get both quantitative and qualitative insight into user behavior with Pendo + FullStory. Drill down into specific Pendo product insights with FullStory’s scalable session replay. Then deploy a Pendo guide to address the issue while a long-term fix is planned and developed.

What's possible with Pendo + FullStory

Use Pendo’s NPS, polls, usage data, and analytics to identify Visitors having issues with your product, and then easily jump over to the relevant FullStory session recordings for analysis.

View user journeys first-hand in FullStory to better understand the experiences driving your analytics in Pendo.

Find points of friction in FullStory to quickly optimize your Pendo Guide deployments.


Ready to connect Pendo + FullStory?

I'm a Pendo admin and I have an integration key

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