Why Pendo is setting its sights on transforming the public sector

Written by Rahul Jain  | 



At Pendo, we’re working every day to elevate the world’s experience with software. When we first started the company in 2013, we included a famous quote by the legendary venture capitalist Marc Andreessen in our pitch deck to raise capital for our idea: “Software is eating the world.” This is even more true now than it was then, especially for our nation’s public sector. In fact, I believe our government of today has to fundamentally transform to be a software and data organization. 

Every day we are seeing an increasing gap between what Americans expect from their government and how the public sector is meeting those expectations, particularly in the digital sphere. Software applications and data, when leveraged effectively, have the potential to be a great equalizer when it comes to serving citizens and communities. But in order for this to happen, the government needs to quickly adapt and evolve its culture and processes given the rate of technological change. We believe Pendo can help them do just that.

Early on in my career, I spent time working in government and saw firsthand the pain people experienced trying to get what they needed from the public sector. When your end customers are the people you see in your community every day—people from every socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural background—work becomes impactful in a way you don’t often experience at a venture-backed technology company. So when Pendo was looking for its next opportunity, I thought of how we could combine my passion for the government space with our technology to help build a public sector that better serves its citizens and communities. We want to help our public servants do their jobs better while also helping everyday citizens more easily leverage the great services our local, state, and federal government offer each and every one of us. 

Empowering the public sector to better serve citizens

Over the past few years, the public sector has already started taking steps to improve both the customer and employee experience. Consider legislation such as the 2018 IDEA Act, which mandates the eventual digitization of all paper-based processes for executive agencies. Or directives like the recent White House executive order on transforming the federal customer experience, which prioritizes “design[ing] experiences with the Federal Government that effectively reduce administrative burdens, simplify both public-facing and internal processes to improve efficiency, and empower the Federal workforce to solve problems.” The public sector is also putting its money where its mouth is. In the federal government, for example, civilian agencies alone spent $53 billion on IT-related budget over the course of FY 2021. 

These directives and investments in software are all well and good, but they’ll only be worth it if the end user derives value from them. Will new digital tools, workflows, and processes leave employees and customers feeling able to complete transactions or workflows with greater ease, convenience, and clarity? Or will they leave users worse off than before, overwhelmed and put off by a confusing or even chaotic digital experience? The answer will determine whether digital transformation in the public sector fails or succeeds.

And that’s where Pendo comes in.

Go from data to insights to action

As the public sector—including government, non-profits, and state higher education institutions—embraces more digital tools and software, questions will invariably arise about how users are responding. Are they engaging with new processes and workflows? Are there places where they’re getting stuck? Is their satisfaction level (if that’s even known) improving or worsening? Are new processes and touchpoints helping drive more equitable experiences by reaching traditionally underrepresented groups?    

At Pendo, we want to help government organizations answer these and other crucial questions—and believe we’re uniquely positioned to do so. Our platform’s robust analytics can provide public sector organizations crucial insights about software adoption, user satisfaction, and usage patterns. Customized and segmentable in-app guides ensure that agencies can get the right support to the right user at the right time. Comprehensive feedback collection gives citizens and public servants a voice in the process, enabling government to better meet their needs. In short, Pendo can help the public sector put their users—whether public servants or everyday citizens—at the center of its technology decisions.  

Grow the good in government 

With government undertaking efforts to improve digital experiences for citizens and employees, the stakes are high. As a recent Crunchbase piece noted, “The public sector is effectively another Fortune 500, with several hundreds of billions of dollars spent on new technology every year—as a customer and as a tool for driving innovation.” With the right technology, these efforts and expenditures need not be in vain. At Pendo, we see an opportunity to give back to our community and country through growing user satisfaction with and trust in government. 

We believe the right technology investment will lead to both a better digital user experience and more efficient allocation of resources within the public sector. Now is the time for our government agencies to prioritize getting there quickly so that the U.S. isn’t left adrift in a sea of technological change. Pendo can help them do so by putting their users—whether public servants or everyday citizens—at the center of their technology decisions.

Ready to learn more about how Pendo helps organizations drive digital transformation? Check out our whitepaper about driving digital adoption in the public sector and schedule a custom demo today.