3 ways Pendo saves you engineering time and resources

Written by Nat Brown  | 



When it comes to the value of a product experience platform like Pendo, many immediately think of the improved customer experience it enables. And it’s true: Pendo’s robust analytics, in-app guidance, and feedback capabilities fundamentally transform users’ digital experiences for the better. 

But Pendo also creates value for businesses in other ways—including by saving engineering and developer teams precious time and resources and freeing them up to focus on higher-impact work. Here are three examples of this impact in practice.

Build guides easily and quickly

Perhaps the most obvious way Pendo makes engineering teams’ lives easier is how easy it makes it for non-engineers to build in-app guides. evelopers no longer need to spend days building onboarding guides natively into their app, or be pulled away from other work just to push a new announcement out. Pendo lets non-engineers intuitively and easily build guides—and do so quickly.  

Consider JLL, one of the oldest and largest commercial real estate firms in the world. It used to take their engineers three days to create guides for new features the company wanted to drive awareness of on key digital products. With Pendo, the same task can now be handled by a product manager—and be done in an hour. The resulting efficiencies let them put even more effort into driving product and feature adoption without it becoming a drain on their engineers. 

Deploy fast fixes when time is of the essence

Have you ever been in a situation where someone reports a minor bug or issue on your app that would nevertheless take some time for your engineering team to fully fix? If developers are busy working on more pressing items, they can leverage Pendo for a “hotfix” that will resolve the issue until they’re able to get to it. 

Pendo’s support team can help you create a guide that will run on a specific page and inject code to make minor modifications in your application. Whether it’s a styling tweak or a simple functionality fix, engineering teams can rest assured that they have a go-to solution when they’re pressed for time. 

Drive product-led growth by making free trial conversions easier

Looking to drive product-led growth (PLG) by getting more users to convert from free to paid versions of your product? Pendo makes it easy. Let’s say you want to test out a free trial experience in which certain functions or features no longer work for trial users after X amount of days. Pendo’s robust product analytics let you segment by metadata and behavior. As long as you’re collecting the right metadata (which is easy to configure in Pendo), you can quickly target those users who’ve been active for the given time period and are still unpaid. 

Once you’ve set the segment, the Pendo service team can build a guide that will both disable paid-only functionality and prompt users with a message that their free trial is up—directing them to sign up for paid, schedule a follow up with sales, or whatever you want the CTA to be.  Usually engineering would need to implement that kind of functionality, but with the Pendo platform and support, they can focus on more pressing issues until trial conversions are validated. Once they are, dev teams can dedicate engineering resources to build native demo functionality into the app.

With Pendo in their corner, engineering teams no longer have to sweat the small stuff. They can shift their focus to high-impact, meaningful work as their colleagues harness the power of a comprehensive, all-in-one product experience platform. 

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