Why Pendo?

Today’s world is one of escalating digital expectations, coupled with an urgent need for efficient growth. To survive—and thrive—in these conditions, the smartest companies are putting product at the heart of their business strategy. And Pendo is helping them every step of the way.


Pendo is the product-led platform

Pendo is the only platform to combine in-app messaging with robust, retroactive product analytics and user feedback. Whether it’s for the software you build or the software you buy, Pendo helps teams of all sizes bring a product-led approach to how they develop, market, sell, and support their products—so they can operate and scale more efficiently.

The Product-led Platform

The world’s leading companies choose Pendo

We help shape the best digital experiences in the world, working with the best product-led teams in the world. With Pendo, our customers:



Reduce support ticket volume by an average of 15%

Grow efficiently


Generate an average 30% more highly qualified leads

Increase retention


Increase net revenue retention (NRR) by an average of 15%

出典「The business value of being product led(プロダクト主導がもたらすビジネス価値)」レポート

What makes Pendo different?

All-in-one platform

Pendo is the complete toolset for product-led teams—including analytics, in-app guidance, and feedback management—for the software you build, and the software you buy.

Comprehensive product insights

Pendo’s unique combination of qualitative and quantitative data provides a complete picture of the product experience and surfaces insights to help teams across the business impact it.

Accessibility and ease of use

Pendo is codeless, intuitive, and easy to install and use—so even non-technical users can take advantage of it, without any prior engineering or development expertise.

Product-led partnership

Pendo encourages cross-functional collaboration by democratizing product data and encouraging curiosity—resulting in more innovative products, better adoption, and increased retention.

Security and scale

Pendo meets the complex security requirements of the world’s fastest growing and most regulated institutions, and is compliant with all major regulatory schemes, including SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Thought leadership and community

Pendo leads the product-led movement through content, advocacy, and events—and in partnership with Mind the Product—to continually advance the product craft.

Don’t just take it from us

Customers around the world and across industries have discovered new possibilities for their products with Pendo. Here’s a sampling of what they love about us most.

Pendo is the leader in Product Analytics and Digital Adoption

デジタルアダプションプラットフォームソフトウェアの G2 グリッド

G2 grid for Product Analytics Software

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