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Product Teams How 4 companies used product-led strategies to accelerate their digital transformation

Product-led strategies benefit teams of all sizes in a number of ways—from streamlining sales and marketing processes, to reducing support tickets, to freeing up employees to focus on the highest value opportunities. Our recent report, The business value of being product led, examined the core business benefits companies gain by leveraging product-led tools and tactics.... Read more »

デジタルアダプション デジタルワークプレイスを効果的な職場にする方法

For enterprise companies, the shift to digital business and work was already happening before the pandemic. For years, organizations had been shifting to cloud-based applications and taking steps to automate various processes and support mechanisms. As our guest speaker, Vasupradha Srinivasan (Senior Analyst, Forrester) explained in a recent Pendo webinar, what the pandemic did was... Read more »

Using Pendo How to build a Pendo Dashboard to track your product or feature launch

In a recent post, we shared the three elements of a successful product or feature launch: in-app guides to announce the new functionality, product analytics to understand performance, and feedback to help you iterate. While there are many ways to define success for a launch, it ultimately comes down to whether or not more people... Read more »

Pendo Community 8 reasons to attend Pendomonium 2022

The (less than) two month countdown is on for the product-led festival of the year.  This September, forward-thinking leaders in product, IT, digital transformation, and beyond will gather in downtown Raleigh to learn and exchange ideas to push their craft forward. Pendomonium is something we at Pendo look forward to all year as an inspiring,... Read more »