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Product Teams 3 tips for improving feature adoption at scale

You’ve done your market research. Surveyed your community. Figured out exactly what problem is plaguing your users. Worked with your development team to build a killer new offering (then QA’ed the heck out of it). And, finally, released your shiny new feature into production. The only problem is… no one is using it. Sounds like... Read more »

Digital Adoption The best way to optimize employee onboarding—and deflect support requests in the process

As a new year begins, businesses are doubling down on boosting efficiency. In doing so, they’re taking innovative approaches to age-old problems. For example: What’s the best way to get employees up to speed on new business processes and ways of working? How can you shift from a reactive model of processing support requests around... Read more »

Using Pendo Introducing Pendo Data Sync: Unlock product-led decision making across your business

At Pendo, we talk a lot about being product led. While there are many facets of a product-led organization, at the core it’s simple: It means every team aligns around and leverages the product to achieve their goals. Companies need a common product language and shared goals. And to do this, product data needs to... Read more »

Pendo Community Reliving Pendomonium 2022: Day 2 highlights

After an action-packed and insightful first day of Pendomonium 2022, we headed back to the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts for even more learning, networking, and product-led inspiration.  Whether you were here with us in person or following along at home, here’s a look at some of the top highlights from day two... Read more »