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Trust matters: Pendo’s commitment to you

At Pendo, performance, security, and data privacy are first-order considerations, the north star for how we design our products and policies as an organization. We believe these principles need to be central to every decision we make, and everything we do as a company. That’s why we continue to make substantial investments in these areas to ensure that our solutions never negatively impact the integrity of your data, your users, or your application.

Investing in your security

Pendo observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ data: SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Pendo Data Protection Officer


Pendo has appointed a data privacy officer as the cross-functional company advocate for data privacy and security.

Pendo Privacy & Security Training


All Pendo employees are trained and certified on data privacy policies and best practices.

Pendo Vendor Audit & Approval


Pendo performs an extensive compliance review and approval process before licensing or using any third-party tools.



In transit and at rest, all customer data is encrypted using only industry-accepted tools, standards and best practices for data handling and security.

Pendo Role-based Permissions


Pendo lets you set granular access controls to grant and restrict capabilities based on specific roles and authorities.

Audit Trails


Pendo logs and stores every change, every action and every event, including the deletion of data, for easy auditing and root cause analysis.

Data Deletion Requests


Pendo supports data deletion requests for both the data we control and the data we process.



Customer data is logically segregated from each other, and personally identifiable information is never required to take full advantage of Pendo’s product features.

Resilience & uptime


Pendo is designed for uninterrupted uptime and enterprise scale, processing millions of events per hour and billions per day, with no degradation of performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does Pendo store data?

    Data submitted to Pendo, and Pendo’s application, are processed and stored in a secure, multi-tenant environment provided by Google’s Cloud Platform. All data storage is encrypted by default, and a variety of logical segregation techniques are used to prevent one customer from accessing another customer’s data. Customers can choose between having their data hosted in Google’s data center facilities in either the United States or European Union.

  • Is the data encrypted?

    All data hosted by Pendo is encrypted. Pendo uses industry-accepted encryption products to protect data at rest, with 256 bit AES encryption. All data transfers within the data center are secured by SSL. All of the Customer Data collected by Pendo is transmitted over SSL if the customer application is accessed via SSL.

  • Does Pendo collect any personally identifying

    The only identifying information that Pendo requires is a unique user ID for your end users. All other information is optional (but will provide for richer analysis and segmentation). Pendo does not collect any user-entered form field text in your application. You should avoid sending any of the following types of sensitive personal information to Pendo: government-issued identification numbers; specific financial information (such as credit or debit card numbers, any related security codes or passwords, and bank account numbers); information related to an individual’s physical or mental health; and information related to the provision or payment of health care.

  • How long does Pendo store customer information?

    Pendo retains all customer data as long as you are an active subscriber. All data will be removed from Pendo starting 90 days after a subscription is cancelled. Pendo customers can request that specific records in their data be removed based on the request of an individual who is the subject of that data. Specific record removal may incur additional charges depending on your plan level.

  • Does Pendo support single sign on and/or 2-factor authentication?

    You are in control of and responsible for user authentication. Access to Pendo requires an email address and password combination. We encourage you to use strong passwords. Alternatively, depending on your plan level, you can choose SAML for single sign-on or Google-based logins. Administrators can disable password-based logins, and require authentication through Google. Authentication through Google supports two factor authentication, as do many SAML implementations.

  • Is Pendo SOC 2 compliant?

    Pendo has completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit that included all five Trust Services Principles: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy with no exceptions in related controls. In addition, Google AppEngine is SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, FISMA, and PCI compliant.

  • Is Pendo GDPR Compliant?

    While there is no 3rd-party verified certification for GDPR compliance, Pendo is committed to acting in accordance with the GDPR regulations for all of our users - not just those in the EU. We are partnering with our customers to ensure the privacy and security of their and their customer’s data, and have implemented a number of data acquisition, access, and retention policy changes. See this article for additional detail about our GDPR support.

  • Does Pendo conduct security audits?

    Pendo undergoes third-party penetration testing on an annual basis.

  • Will Pendo slow down my application?

    Pendo is designed to minimize the impact on your application. The client-side agent is only about 50 Kb and loads asynchronously. Data transmissions are queued and sent to the server every 2 minutes. Data is compressed before sending so that each transmission is less than 2 Kb.

  • How is the client agent distributed?

    The JavaScript code is hosted and deployed in Amazon’s Cloudfront Content Distribution Network (CDN), with an extremely broad network of servers and edge caching to ensure rapid loading times. Amazon service level agreements guarantee 99.9% uptime for the agent delivery.

  • How will guides and walk-throughs affect my application?

    Guides load with the Pendo agent. They will not be displayed until the current page is finished loading. The typical response time for guides is sub-second with guides almost always delivered in less than half a second.

More questions?

For more information on security, privacy, and compliance please see our privacy policy, review the FAQs below, or contact us at [email protected] for specific data privacy-related questions. You can also download our engineering guide for best practices on deploying, configuring, and managing Pendo for maximum performance and security.