3 ways to accelerate your most important business outcomes with Pendo Data Sync

Published Jan 19, 2024
Your data is a powerful asset—why not leverage it to the fullest?

What if your organization could go from blindspots to breakthroughs? 

Too many companies don’t harness the full power of their data. Siloed and underutilized, it stays on the shelf, gathering dust. But with Pendo Data Sync, that no longer has to be the case. 

Data Sync allows teams to connect their product data to their business data, creating a unified data landscape and eliminating the possibility of an incomplete view of how their organization operates. Simply export product data from Pendo to your cloud storage destination, where it can be transformed and loaded into a data warehouse, blended with other business-critical data sources, and visualized in your business intelligence (BI) tool. As a result, you and your teams can break free from data silos, create a single source of truth, and act on insights to move your business forward.

By extracting the full value of your Pendo data, organizations can create an integrated data ecosystem to better evaluate the success of key business initiatives. Below, we share three of the most viable use cases for organizations with Data Sync to unlock immediate value. 

1. C-suite source of truth 

By blending business-critical data sources with your product data, Data Sync empowers your executive teams to unlock unprecedented levels of visibility. Here, your leadership teams can create reports and interactive BI dashboards to glance over visualizations, predict future outcomes, and analyze recurring trends. This allows for more centralized insights and optimized planning that accelerate strategic decision-making at the highest level and help drive ROI.

2. Holistic customer health score 

To gain an accurate pulse of your customers, you need data from multiple sources across various departments. Here’s where Data Sync comes in. You can combine historical product usage data in your data warehouse alongside revenue data, marketing metrics, support ticket insights, and NPS data to view the full picture of your customers’ engagement and satisfaction. From there, your teams can better identify at-risk customers, improve customer retention, and increase sales efficiency.

3. End-to-end customer journeys 

With Data Sync, you can gain a complete, end-to-end view of the customer journey. Start by sending all of the key parts of the funnel into your data warehouse, from there teams can see which campaigns are driving traffic into the app, and stitch that together with the additional journeys customers took in your apps. As a result, teams can see where they need to potentially course-correct, identify friction points, and increase lead conversion rates along the customer journey.

These are only a few ways our customers are leveraging Data Sync to combine Pendo product data with cross-functional business data and fuel more informed decision making across the enterprise. 

Ready to dismantle data silos and extend the value of your data? To learn more about how your organization can create a unified data landscape and accelerate intelligent decision-making, schedule a personalized demo with our team.