7 signs you’re ready for Pendo (and how to get started)

Written by Michelle Grupinski  | 



When it comes to building great (read: high-converting) digital experiences, there are a ton of different tools that can help you along the way. The question is: Do you really want to have to use multiple tools? 

With Pendo, you have everything you need to simply and efficiently improve your product experience—all in one place. To help you determine what’s best for your business, we’ve curated the below list of seven signs that Pendo is the one product experience platform you need. 

Let’s dive in and see how many signs apply to you—and what steps to take when they do:

Sign #1: You’re curious about (or committed to) a product-led strategy

This one goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: If you’re looking to leverage a product-led motion to grow your business, you won’t find an easier way to do it than by using Pendo. With page tagging and usage analytics, you can successfully identify where customers are excelling or stumbling throughout their journey. Where other analytics solutions end with the data, Pendo empowers you to act on these learnings with in-app guides to educate your customers and drive their success.   

Your best next step: If this sign applies to you, start by creating a free Pendo account and installing the free Pendo snippet ASAP. Once installed, Pendo will populate your account with the real-time product and user-level data you need to fuel your product-led strategy. 

Pro tip: The real product-led power of Pendo is in the breadth of our premium features. Check out everything Pendo has to offer by launching a free trial from your free Pendo account.

Sign #2: You have a sneaky suspicion there’s friction in your product, but you don’t know where

If the thought of users falling off the happy path keeps you up at night, Pendo is here to help. Shining a light on invisible friction is one of the most popular reasons our customers turn to Pendo. With simple tagging tools and retroactive analytics, you can literally get started yesterday identifying where users are getting stuck or dropping out of workflows. 

Your best next step: To start uncovering gaps in your user journeys, begin with page tagging. Simply tag the parts of your product you’re curious about and watch the gaps present themselves through usage data. For example, if you have a multi-step workflow, page tagging will help you identify which specific step leads to the highest dropoff. (Pendo can also help you eliminate that dropoff—more on that in Sign #3.) 

Sign #3: You’re obsessed with great onboarding experiences

Whatever problem your product is solving, there are likely fierce competitors in that same arena. The secret to beating them to the customer? A faster path to the coveted a-ha moment. The secret to a speedy aha experience? Personalized, delightful, data-backed onboarding flows. 

Your best next step: To start building better onboarding flows today, turn to Pendo’s totally customizable, no-code, in-app guides that are available for free from the day you install. And if you want customers to find long-term success with your product, onboarding journeys must extend far beyond the initial login. The most effective product experiences proactively promote the best next step throughout all stages of the user journey.

Pro-tip: If you’ve already nailed your initial onboarding flows and have grown your monthly active user (MAU) base beyond 500 MAU, you may want to consider our Starter plan, which accommodates up to 2,000 MAU.

Sign #4: You have a lot of stakeholders—and not a lot of time

I’ll venture to guess that cross-functional alignment is a big part of your daily work. While you’re heads down building great experiences for your customers, you need a seamless way to communicate priorities and progress. Pendo Roadmaps can give you just that. With customizable swimlanes and easy-to-edit initiatives and features, your roadmap is your key to streamlined and effective alignment that doesn’t slow you down. 

Your best next step: For a fast and easy way to align stakeholders around the work your team is doing, get started by creating and sharing a Pendo Roadmap via a downloadable PNG or free unlimited link sharing between Pendo users (all possible with a free Pendo account). 

Sign #5: You want to connect with your users, not just acquire them

You’re probably sensing a theme here: Competition is everywhere. Another strategy you might be thinking about is how to better connect with your users to ensure they’re less likely to jump ship. With NPS, Pendo has what you need to ensure you are always navigating your product roadmap with customer satisfaction as your compass (because dissatisfied customers will not help you grow your business). 

If you aren’t familiar, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the universal standard for measuring customers’ propensity to advocate for a brand, which serves as a proxy for customer happiness and, eventually, business growth.

Your best next step: If you’re looking to test the waters with NPS, start by building an in-app NPS survey with a free Pendo account

Pro-tip: If you’re already leveraging NPS across your business, our Starter plan will allow you to analyze, drill down, and slice and dice your sentiment data even further.

Sign #6: You want to decrease support tickets

Competition isn’t the only big theme in 2023. Tackling big problems with limited resources is an equally common challenge businesses are facing across industries. If you are trying to stretch the invaluable resource of your customer success (CS) teams by decreasing support tickets, Pendo has you covered. With Pendo, you can tackle support tickets at the source by getting ahead of common roadblocks, obstacles, and questions directly within the user journey.    

Your best next step: If you are currently below 500 MAU, get started with proactive self-serve support by launching an in-product guide that adds context to the more complex or confusing parts of your application 

Pro-tip: If you have more than 500 MAU, you’ll want to leverage our Starter plan (which gives you room to serve up to 2,000 MAU). If you really want to take self-serve support to the next level, you can explore our customizable in-app Resource Center, currently available in our Growth and Portfolio plans. 

Sign #7: You’re trying to validate product-market fit

Whether you’re working on a newer product that’s ramping up with a beta experience or a veteran product executing a new roadmap, if product-market fit is on your mind, then Pendo is your solution. With the ability to gather targeted feedback from specific groups of users where and when you need it most, Pendo empowers you to understand if your product is a fit for the problem it’s aiming to solve. By analyzing the feedback you receive, you’ll benefit from clear indication of where your product is hitting (or missing) the product-market mark. 

Your best next step: The first stop in evaluating product-market fit with Pendo is getting familiar with in-app polls. For example, you can create polls to ask users what they think of a new feature or what features they’d like to see next in the product.

Pro-tip: To dig even deeper into product-market fit, check out Data Explorer, where you can mix and match user segments, product actions, and any number of events for deeper insights.

Choosing the right tool to create the best experiences possible for your customers and drive better business outcomes doesn’t have to be difficult. Built to help you to analyze and optimize customer journeys from one centralized workflow, Pendo empowers businesses of any size to make the data-driven decisions that will deliver more value and grow revenue.

To make it as low-risk as possible to experience the value of Pendo, a majority of our tools are available to you for free. So, if you saw a sign that Pendo may be right for you, create your free account today to find out!