How to get the most value from all that product analytics data

Written by Nat Brown  | 



For everything from making the right product roadmap decisions, to maximizing customer satisfaction, to driving better business outcomes, the consensus is clear: Companies need data, and lots of it. With the right data, a business can glean core insights about how users are engaging with their product (or whatever key digital experience is tied to it)—what’s working, where there may be pain points, and how customers generally feel about what’s on offer.   

Of course, analytics data is only as powerful as what you can do with it. So as teams go about finding the right solution, it’s worth asking a few questions:

Whom was the solution built for?

Most product analytics solutions capture data effectively in some form. But each solution is built differently and with a different user base in mind. Some solutions were very much designed for B2C use cases, for example. Would it make sense for a B2B company to choose a solution that only lets them see data around individual visitors, as opposed to at the account level? Probably not. When evaluating platforms, always keep in mind whether the functionality and out-of-the box features it comes with make sense for your specific business needs. 

Can you understand user behavior in its full context?

If a company has a multi-product portfolio, then it’s important to understand not only how users behave within applications, but across them. Most product analytics solutions can be implemented on multiple apps, but if that implementation and configuration is siloed, there will be hard limits on the kind of cross-app insights teams can gain. 

Pendo’s product experience solution offers features like cross-app Paths and Funnels, which give companies the full context of how users are engaging—where they’re dropping off, how they navigate from one app to another, and why. From those insights, companies can take the right steps to build a more fully integrated digital experience across these multiple products. 

Can you keep the data you’ve compiled?

Your data is a precious asset, and you deserve to use as much of what you’ve accumulated as you need to make the best product and business decisions. To that end, be sure to go with a solution that gives you access to all the data you’ve compiled. Some solutions will store only a limited amount—say, one year’s worth—and then begin charging you extra for maintaining more than that. Pendo stores data for up to seven years—or as long as possible while still being compliant with security standards like GDPR. 

Can you take the right actions quickly and easily? 

This is arguably the most important factor to look for in a solution. The best product analytics solutions go beyond just analytics. They let teams leverage data quickly and easily to take the most effective actions. If you see a certain subset of users struggling to adopt a new feature, for example, why wait to offer them support? A product experience solution like Pendo lets you segment out users by metadata or behavioral categories so that you’re able to provide help to those who need it—and leave those who don’t alone. 

Powerful analytics are necessary but not sufficient when it comes to moving the needle for your product and business. As you navigate the buying process, look for the solution that gives you an unparalleled breadth and depth of insights—but doesn’t stop there. Pendo lets you quickly start fixing what isn’t working while making what is working even better. 

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