Prove the business impact of product, with connected data

Written by Ellie McCandless  | 



Eager to prove the work your product team does has an impact on your business? You should be. The product leaders who can get a seat at the table, get the resources they need and become a trusted resource to their CEOs. 

Historically though, most companies—even sophisticated software companies—don’t have product data as an input into their business intelligence systems. 

It’s not for lack of trying. It’s just hard. According to Treasure Data, the number one challenge for organizations is that their data is siloed, and they can’t combine it. And with siloed data comes siloed decision-making—and a lack of product usage data combining with a larger business data set. There are a number of benefits when companies take the time to build a connected data ecosystem. In this post, we’ll dig into three of them.

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1. Connected data makes alignment second-nature

Business data is like the sheet music for an orchestra. No matter how talented each individual musician may be, if the orchestra isn’t playing from the same sheet music, there’s no way for them to deliver a cohesive and harmonic performance. 

Data works the same way. You may have impressive individual teams across your organization—but to truly deliver a cohesive and effective experience, everyone needs to be making fully informed decisions from the same set of inputs and the same shared understanding of customer and business health. 

By connecting and disseminating each key data source, teams can unlock new levels of efficiency just by rowing in the same direction. Product teams can make better roadmap decisions with visibility into customer success data, marketing teams can run more effective campaigns by understanding product usage data, and so on.


2. Connected data helps you better allocate resources

With better alignment comes better decisions. By having one complete picture—composed of insights from all the key data sources across the business—leaders can be sure that they’re allocating resources to tackle the most important problems, or doubling down on the best investments to move the needle on the right corporate objectives.

By having the confidence to focus team energy and resources on the most impactful parts of the business, leaders can identify expensive or time-consuming processes or parts of the product, and drive efficient growth with the most impactful investments.


3. Connected data makes it easier to gut check

Once you’ve made strategic decisions, connected data comes in handy to evaluate and gut check those decisions over time. For example, did you choose to invest in redoing an area in your product? With connected data, you can see how that decision ultimately impacts support tickets or customer satisfaction down the road. 

By creating a connected data ecosystem adopted and shared by all, you can be confident that the decisions you make are moving the needle on the things that matter most to the business. 


Create a connected data ecosystem with Data Sync

Building a connected data ecosystem that incorporates product insights along with business insights is no small feat. But Pendo is making it easier with Pendo Data Sync.

With Data Sync, organizations can easily export all the data they’re collecting with Pendo, and incorporate it into their source of truth: their cloud storage solution. Once your Pendo product data is added to your cloud storage, data teams can connect and contextualize those insights wherever it makes sense for their business. For example, you could blend Pendo data with your customer success (CS) and sales data sources to create a complete picture of the customer journey.

With Pendo Data Sync, we’re making it easier for you to reap the benefits of a connected data ecosystem to drive efficiencies across your entire business. 

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