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Now We’re Getting Even More Organized

In December we introduced a new “Groups” feature for feature and page analytics in Pendo that is designed to help users better categorize, manage, and, of course, analyze specific parts of their applications.  The idea was to make it easier for large applications, or organizations with lots of Pendo users to better keep track of the different elements that they measure.  The group feature was the first part of a broader initiative we’re working on across our platform to make things a bit more… orderly.

Last Friday we released the next phase of this organization effort – two new features that expand organizations to guides, and make it easier for users to identify the features, pages, and guides that are most important to them.

Groups for Guides

The groups feature now applies to in-application guides in Pendo as well.  Groups for guides use the same master set of groups that are defined within your Pendo account to categorize guides as well.  So, for example, if you a set of features assigned to a “Navigation” group, you can also add any public tooltips for those features to the same group.  Groups are assigned within the Guide Details page:

Back in the guide list, you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the report to filter the guides by a selected group. As with the page and feature reports, Admin users can also use this drop-down menu to add and edit guides.


In addition to the expansion of the groups’ feature, we have also added starring capabilities for named features, pages, and in-application guides.  The feature works similarly to one you might use in your email and is designed to help you keep track of the parts of your application that are most important to you.

Now when you log into Pendo, you will see a gray outline of a star next to each entry in the page, feature, and guides list. To star an item, simply click the star.

Any page can be filtered by starred items by clicking the star button at the top of the report.  Starring is unique to individual users (unlike groups which are visible to everyone in a subscription) allowing each users to easily keep track of specific features or guides.


Filters for starred items and groups can be combined for the feature, page, and guide lists making it easy to drill into specific areas of the application.  We are focused on making it as easy as possible to analyze your application with Pendo.  Stay tuned as we will continue to add organizational features in the coming weeks.

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