The ultimate guide to Pendomonium 2022

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Last year, we pushed the boundaries of what’s possible when we fused the vibes of an outdoor music festival with the game-changing insights of the year’s top product event at Pendomonium 2021. We created the first and only product festival, and this year we’re bringing all of that back—and then some.

Pendomonium 2022 is the product-led event of the year—a huge, indoor-outdoor event spanning two full days and taking over the entire grounds of the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC. With an event of this scale, there’s a ton of excitement to look forward to, and many ways to make this time your own. So, we put together a guide to help you get the absolute most out of your Pendomonium experience.

Here we go!

Networking at Pendomonium


First thing’s first: You’re attending Pendomonium for the groundbreaking thought leadership and innovative Pendo hacks you can’t get anywhere else, so you can bring it all back to your team and uplevel your operations. Let’s break down the different paths you can take to optimize the Pendo know-how you’ll walk away with.

30+ breakout sessions, 4 tracks

The sessions are the meat and potatoes of any event, and we’ve lined up an incredible corps of speakers this year. You could take an a la carte approach and pick out the sessions that interest you the most, but we’ve also put together a track-based agenda to offer you a cohesive experience where each session builds on the next. Just pick one of these four tracks that aligns most closely with the problem your team is working on:

1. Unlock efficiency
In today’s economic climate, growth matters. But efficient growth matters even more. Leaders across all lines of business must find ways to hit ambitious goals without increasing spend—and they’re doing it by becoming product led. This track will focus on how to use Pendo in a down economy and how being product led can help you boost retention, improve productivity, reduce costs, and grow—efficiently. 

2. Drive adoption
Learn how product-led practices rapidly accelerate adoption—both of the software you build for customers and the software you buy for employees. See how faster adoption drives higher revenue growth, a better employee experience, higher customer satisfaction, and countless other business outcomes.

3. Decide with data
Products deliver unprecedented amounts of data about user behavior, wants, and needs on both granular and big-picture levels. Hear stories and see demonstrations of the ways product-led organizations are able to access and harness robust analytics to turn that data into insights—and leverage them to take the right course of action. 

4. Delight users
For product-led organizations, products are so much more than the core services they provide. They’re also a sales tool, a support desk, a marketing channel. See how bringing these functions into the product itself fundamentally transforms the user experience—empowering both customers and employees to excel with your products and become loyal advocates. 

"How I Pendo" at Pendomonium

Into the future: Our Pendomonium keynotes

They’re the marquee names everyone knows: The Pendomonium keynotes. This year, we’re looking forward to what’s on the horizon, both for business and society at large.

1. Winning the future of product
Join Pendo co-founders Todd Olson and Erik Troan, Pendo Chief Product Officer Trisha Price, and Morgan Stanley at Work’s chief product officer, Mark Mitchell, as they reveal Pendo’s latest enhancements and new features, and discuss examples of how customers are driving amazing innovation with the platform.

2. Tales from the field
Hear stories from leading companies who are taking their product craft to the next level. Harnessing the power of product-led strategies, these companies are boldly innovating in their fields while going above and beyond to delight their customers.

3. A look into the future
It’s a triple-header from three of the world’s most prominent visionary thinkers. Join futurist Dr. Michio Kaku, legendary music producer and author Sophia Chang, and entrepreneur and storyteller Sam Rad as they explore what’s on the horizon for the universe, the metaverse, and humankind’s next innovative leap.

4. Baking responsibility into your product builds
As new platforms and products roll out faster than ever, there’s no shortage of news articles featuring stories about when tech goes wrong, intentionally or not. Rocket Companies’ Adam Vitale will offer a masterclass in making sure we’re building products in a responsible, ethical, and inclusive manner.

5. If you build it, will they come?
Building new products is essentially pointless if they don’t solve a real need for your customers. That’s why Sean Kim, Kajabi’s chief product officer, always seeks customer validation for any product he’s working on. Learn how best to go to market, the role data should play in product decisions, and how to build products customers love.

Keynotes and luminary speakers at Pendomonium

Take an even deeper dive into Pendo

If you’re looking for an even deeper dive into Pendo before the main event starts, sign up for one of our full-day training sessions on Monday, September 12:

1. Pendo Essentials
If you’re new or new-ish to Pendo, this one-day, hands-on workshop is for you. You’ll learn how to install Pendo, tag pages and features, create segments, set up guides, perform behavioral analytics, and tips for applying best practices each step of the way. This session gets you on the path to being Pendo certified. You’ll leave ready to get certified and with a special code to access the exam for free.

2. Pendo Admin
Pendo Admin is for those looking to lead the Pendo initiative at your company. This course will be a hands-on deep dive into all aspects of what a successful Pendo implementation looks like. Attendees will learn what it takes to build a Center of Excellence and implement Pendo from start to finish. A project will be submitted at the end of the workshop in order to achieve certification.

3. Mind the Product’s Product Management Foundations
Foundations is an overview course that helps product managers develop a broader understanding of their role. Build confidence, deepen product culture in your organization, and align your product team around a shared understanding of their craft.

Live entertainment at Pendomonium


Pendo doesn’t just put on the year’s top event in product. We also know how to throw a serious party (Pendomonium is kind of famous for it!). This year, we’ve got all the food, refreshments, and entertainment you need to unwind after a long day of learning.

The bites and beverages

No festival is complete without food trucks. We’ll be serving classic southern barbecue, plus a plethora of other regional and international treats during the event, and hosting over 10 food trucks—including Chirba Chirba, Golden K Dog, Southern B’s Kitchen, and more. If you get thirsty after all that grub, grab a glass of our custom Pendo pink beer from one of our favorite local breweries, Trophy Brewing Co.

The beats

Still humming tunes from Hamilton, Moana, and Encanto? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that FLS+ from Freestyle Love Supreme (co-founded by the mind behind those movie scores, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Anthony Veneziale) will be our evening entertainment at Pendomonium!

FLS+ is a freestyle hip-hop comedy musical group that has performed on and off Broadway, and won a Tony Award in 2020. FLS+ improvises everything, so each show is truly unique. No script, no specific plan—just ideas drawn from the audience. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime hip-hop musical experience.

Then, we’re following that up with a performance by world-famous saxophonist Ellie Sax. Ellie is taking saxophone to new levels, working alongside DJ’s to bring incredible live performances to the dance music world. She has toured the world with her sax, performing at the world’s most exclusive events, festivals, nightclubs, and private parties.

Breakout sessions at Pendomonium

Let’s go!

We know you know you need to attend Pendomonium 2022, but does your boss still need some convincing before sending you on your way? Easy: Use our handy justification letter to make the case.