The Product-led Organization digital workshop

Product-led organizations make their products the vehicle for acquiring and retaining customers, driving growth, and influencing organizational priorities. They represent the future of business in a digital-first world.

What makes an organization product led?

In his book “The Product-led Organization,” Pendo co-founder and CEO Todd Olson walks you through the core concepts for becoming product led. Watch the video below for inspiration, then play it for your team to kick off your workshop.

Your path to product-led growth

The Product-led Organization workshop series is designed to help you put the concepts from Todd’s book into practice and turn your product into a growth engine. Explore the modules and exercises below.

Module 1 | Exercise 1

Identify your jobs-to-be-done

Deliver based on customer needs

Module 1 | Exercise 2

Setting SMART goals

Create a path to your desired outcomes

Module 1 | Exercise 3

Define your data stack

Inform your decision-making

Module 1 | Exercise 4

Design a product-led experiment

Turn data into insights

Module 2 | Exercise 1

Building blocks of onboarding

Ensure a human-led experience

Module 2 | Exercise 2

Make support self-service

Empower your customer with on-demand education and training

Module 2 | Exercise 3

Create a customer health scoring model

Predict success and struggles

Module 3 | Exercise 1

Design a launch plan

Ensure successful launch every time

Module 3 | Exercise 2

Create a Product Feedback Policy

Understand the voice of the customer

Module 3 | Exercise 3

Roadmap your way to success

Communicate the purpose of your product

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