Surveys and polls

Drive quality product feedback and higher response rates

Usage data alone can’t reveal intent. With Pendo, product teams can bring together quantitative product analytics and qualitative user feedback for breakthrough insight. Capture feedback directly in-app to understand not only what users are doing, but the context around why they are doing it.

Pendo Features Surveys and Polls

Targeted surveys

In-app surveys allow you to reach users in the moment for timely and relevant feedback. Use segments to reach out to a specific set of users, or those who have used a particular feature you would like to track. Want feedback on a specific feature? Or are you looking for power users to recruit as beta participants? Pendo lets you reach the right people, directly in the product.

App ratings

App store ratings are the lifeblood of any mobile application. With Pendo, you can drive more ratings and reviews from the right audiences. Target prompts to your most satisfied and active users to rate your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Serving polls directly in your application results in much higher response rates – often 5-10X. They also ensure more representative responses and better quality feedback because respondents are answering in context. With Pendo you can easily add yes/no, multiple choice, ratings, and open-ended feedback requests to your product. No longer will you have to rely on inconsistent responses from mass emails.

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