See how your product experience drives customer satisfaction

Pendo Features NPS Net Promoter Score

Capture NPS responses in-app or through email

Net Promoter programs can be difficult to administer. Low response rates and unreliable email contacts make it difficult for product teams to get a sufficient volume of scores. Pendo lets you serve NPS to active product users in-app for two to 10 times higher response rates, while still using email delivery for inactive users or executive sponsors who aren’t regularly in your application. This “best of both worlds” approach delivers consistent NPS responses while allowing you to target surveys to the specific users you want.

See the behaviors associated with customer satisfaction

NPS is a simple and elegant measure of customer advocacy but it doesn’t tell you how the product experience impacts customer sentiment. Pendo brings together NPS scores with actual product usage data to show you which features are used most heavily by NPS promoters and detractors as well as variances across user segments. With this data you can identify areas of the product that need improvement, and guide detractors to the highest value features.

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