Funnels and journeys

Discover how your users move through your product

Do you know how efficiently users complete tasks in your product, and where your users drop off? Do you understand how your product is used across screens and devices in completion of these tasks? Pendo helps you follow the user journey throughout the product to see where users succeed and where they struggle. With this insight, you can set up Guides and prioritize enhancements to help your users complete tasks in the most efficient way.

Pendo Features Funnels and Journeys

Custom funnels

Funnels show you how efficiently users complete a defined task in the product. Simply group together the sequence of pages and features that represents your task, and Pendo will tell you how many users start, how many finish, and where they are dropping off. Whether it’s completing an order, building a report, or any other common activity in your product, Funnels give you greater insight into product usability.

User journeys

Journeys help you discover how users move through your application: What is the sequence of actions? From a given page, where do users go next? How did they get to a given page or feature? Journeys help you visualize user activity at scale and identify unexpected behaviors.

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