Pendo Adopt Group Product Demonstration

Join the Pendo team for a demonstration of our digital adoption platform, Pendo Adopt. Transform your digital workplace by understanding employee behavior and helping them get the most out of their enterprise software.


Rethinking the product roadmap: A true Pendo story

Join us on July 21 for an exclusive walkthrough of our new Roadmaps feature in Pendo Feedback, plus an insider’s look into how we built and launched it. If you’re in product management or product operations at your organization, this webinar is for you!

You’ll get a behind the scenes breakdown of what worked well, what didn’t, and how we ran a smooth launch using Pendo to manage our rollout process, collect customer feedback, and track adoption data.


How product-led companies drive efficient growth

In today’s economic climate, growth matters. But efficient growth matters even more. Leaders across all lines of business must find ways to hit ambitious goals without increasing spend—and they’re doing it by becoming product led.

Join Howie Bienstock (Director, Value Consulting at Pendo) and Ellie McCandless (Product Marketing Manager at Pendo) for an in-depth discussion about the business value of being product led.


The marketer’s playbook for building a product-led customer journey

Join us on July 28 as Pendo’s Melissa Jordan, senior director of customer marketing, and Marcus Andrews, director of product marketing, share how marketing teams can leverage product-led strategies throughout the entire customer journey to drive loyalty, retention, and growth.

Pendomonium Encore

On-Demand Videos

Hundreds of product leaders attended Pendomonium 2021 to connect with experts and learn about the power of product-led innovation. Visit the Pendomonium Encore site to check out the videos from the event, on demand.

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