Diversity & inclusion at Pendo

Pendo company photo - CKO 2022

Our vision

Pendo is on a mission to elevate the world’s experiences with software. To meet our mission, we need people of all backgrounds, from all lived experiences, and with all different perspectives working together. As we scale and grow, we know our Pendozers will be key to our success in this journey. This is why we are constantly working to build a culture where Pendozers can be authentic, do their best work, and thrive together. We know that diversity coupled with a truly inclusive culture–where employees can bring their whole selves and perspectives–can unlock innovation, creativity, and bold ideas.

2022 report on diversity, equity, and inclusion at Pendo

Our annual report details the progress we’ve made toward becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company.

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Where we’re focusing in 2022


Focus on sourcing, partnerships, and training to break bias in the recruiting process and to expand the reach of recruiting efforts.


Increase community engagement through education, service activities, and partnership.


Build an inclusive culture and reinforce our values so all Pendozers feel like they belong and can thrive at Pendo.


Update the Pendo platform to improve accessibility and promote inclusion.

Diversity data

(based on EEOC, overall + people managers for ethnicity and gender)

One of our core values is “show me the data.” We are upholding this value by making public our latest ethnicity and gender data, as reported to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In future updates, we will share the results of a detailed employee survey that includes Pendo’s employees in Israel and the U.K.

Where we stand today


of Pendozers
identify as Male


of Pendozers
identify as Female


of Pendozers
are from URP* – Underrepresented populations

Race & Ethnicity | 2017-2021

*Based on EEOC reported data. Updated July 2020.

Gender Identity | 2017-Present

*Based on EEOC-reported data, which does not yet include non-binary as a gender identity.

All People Managers | Present

*Based on EEOC-reported data, which does not yet include non-binary as a gender identity.
























Pendo company kickoff, February 2020

Affinity groups at Pendo

Employees who are free to bring their whole selves to work are more productive and innovative, which benefits the entire company. Employee-led affinity groups provide a welcoming and safe space for conversation, education, and mentorship. They also help galvanize Pendo within our communities.

Women of Pendo

Women of Pendo

The Women of Pendo affinity group facilitates gender diversity at Pendo by raising the visibility of women in the workforce, researching and recommending solutions to issues affecting women; and providing opportunities for women to develop leadership skills and broaden their network.


“Research has shown that the increase of women in leadership is helping businesses to thrive in unprecedented ways. At Pendo, we strive to close the gender gap and facilitate crucial conversations with women and our allies.”

Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities

The GSRM affinity group provides a safe, inclusive and productive workplace for GSRM employees by educating the company on GSRM issues, guiding the company on recruitment, outreach and retention strategies; and providing support and mentorship in career and personal growth.


“GSRM allows me to bring my full self to work—I’m able to be more innovative, productive, and happy. We discuss LGBTQA+ issues in a safe space with GSRM individuals and allies and provide education to help inform our peers about these issues.”

Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities


Minority Organization Spreading the Advocacy and Inclusivity of all Cultures

The MOSAIC affinity group helps Pendo foster an environment of inclusiveness by supporting efforts to attract and retain the best URM talent, promoting URM members’ leadership and development, and leading other employees toward better cultural understanding.


“MOSAIC has given us the ability to elevate our conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion to the exec-level and be able to execute our ideas for a more inclusive workplace. MOSAIC is a safe space for us to have open conversations on difficult topics and to navigate the workplace as underrepresented minorities.”


The Neurodiversity affinity group’s mission is to help Pendozers with ADHD, ASD, or other neurological differences be accepted, and thrive at Pendo. This group works to provide mentorship, guidance, and support for ND individuals and for parents, loved ones, and caregivers of ND family members.


“The concept of neurodiversity is still new to many people, and many common business practices can be inadvertently exclusionary or restrictive to ND individuals. It is important to us that all of our ND voices are heard and that different neurotypes are understood so that we can all contribute, bring our whole selves to work, and share our unique perspectives.”



The Femmegineers affinity group provides a safe space of understanding for underrepresented genders in engineering roles, creating opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, personal development and career growth.


“Joining the Femmegineers has really helped me feel welcomed and supported since day one. I love all of our open conversations and all of the praise we give a fellow femmegineer when they accomplish something. I’m proud to be part of a group that accepts and supports all genders working in tech.”