Pendo + Catalyst

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Get customer product usage data into Catalyst, so your reps have a unified view of mission-critical customer data. By integrating Pendo and Catalyst, your post-sales team can turn Pendo data into actionable customer insights, workflow automations, and rich engagement benchmarks.

Who is it for?

  • Customer-facing teams who want to advance customer maturity cycles, faster.
  • Customer-centric leaders who want to achieve a central place to collaborate on Pendo data across all CS team members.
  • Customer or revenue operations teams who want to save time analyzing customer data across multiple platforms.

Why is it awesome?

  • Empower post-sale teams to be more proactive and efficient with identifying usage trends, understanding customer behavior, and supporting their adoption in a single place to increase customer lifetime value.
  • Guaranteed data quality and pipeline resiliency via self-healing pipelines and guaranteed idempotence.

What's possible with Pendo + Catalyst

  • Save significant time and resources analyzing Pendo data across multiple platforms with Pendo data centralized in a unified customer platform.
  • Scale customer adoption efforts across all post-sale teams to increase top-level NRR and GRR metrics.
  • Action real-team usage changes efficiently and proactively by triggering Journey Builder workflows and Catalyst Playbooks.
  • Clearly and easily demonstrate the ROI of your customer adoption strategy by tracking Pendo usage metrics through Calculated Fields.


  • All Catalyst customers will have access to this integration, but they must have a Pendo Growth Plan or higher tier to achieve the necessary “data out” functionality.
  • Pendo admin access.