Pendo + Crowdin

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Translate your Guide content with Crowdin. Easily sync source texts and translations between Crowdin and Pendo with no need to manually copy-paste translations. Automate your localization workflow and spend less time managing translations.
Easily find translation experts
Connect Guide content to Crowdin to tap into a network of translators, agencies, and auto-translation capabilities available to you in the Crowdin community. Access translation services for everything from minor copy updates to key customer communications.
Automate translation to expand to new markets
Crowdin allows you to translate and localize your content to easily serve new markets. By making your Pendo Guides multilingual, you can connect with foreign customers, without creating additional manual work for your team.
Connect Crowdin and Pendo

Who is it for?

  • Crowdin helps entire companies become multilingual. Any team can automate translation and localization of their content, including engineering, marketing, support, designers, and translators.

What's possible with Pendo + Crowdin

  • Customize an important company announcement to reach multiple geographies
  • Provide a curated onboarding experience in your new users' native language


  • This integration requires or Crowdin Enterprise account. Install the app via the Crowdin marketplace.
  • This is a free Pendo integration. Pendo admin access and Pendo API key required to connect.
    Connect Crowdin and Pendo