Pendo + Voxpopme

What is it?

Collect consumer-recorded video feedback using Pendo Guides, on any device. Interpret large volumes of video feedback to better understand the user experience with your product and highlight friction points or areas of delight, to easily integrate your users into your product development and improvement process.

What's possible with Pendo + Voxpopme

Take advantage of in-the-moment feedback, providing real, genuine emotion, creating empathy with your users

Identify and improve product features by targeted video capture at the right time in the user journey

Bring your users into the heart of product development and make data-driven decisions to truly create the best outcomes for your customers

Go beyond quantitative understanding of your product's usage/experience rating with richer feedback

Access a library of human feedback at your fingertips to easily identify patterns in your users’ experience to prioritize development opportunities


  • This integration is free to all Pendo Guide users. See the Pendo Help Center for in-depth setup instructions.


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