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Pendo Announces Harvard Business School’s Tsedal Neeley as Keynote Speaker for Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit

Second annual virtual summit explores the critical role of employee engagement in the digital workplace

RALEIGH, N.C., April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pendo, a company that provides software that makes software better, today announced its annual Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit event for forward-thinking IT and business technology leaders to learn and exchange ideas about driving transformation in the digital workplace. The free virtual event is scheduled for May 10, 2022. 

Executives recognize the success of their organizations’ digital initiatives ultimately comes down to their employees, and today’s employees do most of their work in software applications and are increasingly likely to change jobs if those tools are too difficult to use. Through keynotes and a lively panel discussion, Guide will explore a hot topic in today’s workplaces — how to empower employees to do their best work, inside software.    

“Digital transformation is still painful for many companies. A lot of software has been purchased to drive transformation but IT leaders are struggling to manage it and employees are struggling to adopt it,” said Todd Olson, Pendo CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to bring thought leaders in the space together for a conversation on the future of work and how to leverage software to drive productivity.”  

Headlining the event is Tsedal Neeley, an award-winning author, professor and senior associate dean at Harvard Business School, and keynote speaker on globalization and digital transformation. Neeley is an expert in helping teams and managers navigate the challenges brought about by remote work – a topic she explores in her book, “Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding From Anywhere.” In her forthcoming book, “The Digital Mindset: What It Really Takes to Thrive in the Age of Data, Algorithms and AI,” which launches on the same day as the Guide Summit, she discusses the need to “be digital” and shares approaches for collaboration, computation, and change to help employees adapt to the digital workplace.   

“Data and technology are transforming how we think, operate, and create value in today’s workplaces,” said Neeley. “At the end of the day, digital transformations depend on employee buy-in to succeed. If your employees feel overwhelmed and confused by the tools they use at work, productivity lags and transformation will never take off. I’m excited to speak to how business leaders can succeed with digital transformation by putting empathy for employees at the center of their business technology decisions.”

The full line up includes keynotes by:

  • Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci
  • Mik Kersten, Author of “Project to Product: How to survive and thrive in the age of digital disruption,” and CEO at TaskTop Technologies
  • Tatyana Mamut, SVP, New Products at Pendo

As well as a CIO panel with:

  • Saket Srivastava, Head of Business Technology at Block (f.k.a. Square)
  • Shamjo Chatterjee, Chief Information & Technology Officer at Linksys 
  • Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer at e.l.f. Beauty
  • Pankaj Jain, Divisional CIO, Corporate Systems & Data, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Enrique Jenkins, VP of Business Technology at Pendo

The event will happen live from 9am to noon PT. To register or learn more, visit


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