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Pendo Hosts First International Pendomonium Conference in London, Continues Aggressive Global Expansion

Pendo also spotlights new capabilities to power the product-led movement

LONDON, UK—DECEMBER 8, 2021Pendo, a company that provides software that makes software better, today hosted its first Pendomonium event outside the United States, gathering more than 150 product managers for an EMEA-centric software “festival” at London’s Tobacco Dock. During the event, Pendo announced plans to double headcount in the UK and to accelerate international expansion with local language support in France, Germany and Israel, and a new office in Sydney.

Pendo also announced a series of new products and features to help companies become more product led, spotlighting the work of its Sheffield, U.K. and Herzliya, Israel R&D teams.

“We are thrilled to bring Pendomonium to the product community in Europe,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo. “Pendomonium is where product managers build relationships, learn from each other and get inspired to grow in their careers and make a lasting impact on their companies. As Pendo’s international footprint grows, we are excited to provide more opportunities for the global product management community to gather.” 

International expansion:

Pendo has grown to nearly 300 customers across EMEA and 60 in Asia-Pacific countries since opening its EMEA headquarters in London in 2019. Supporting the base of customers is a rapidly-growing international team — Pendo has hired 92 people in the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan and Australia in 2021, bringing total international headcount to 150.

To continue the pace of growth, EMEA Managing Director Chas Scarantino has been promoted to international managing director, where he’ll oversee Pendo’s operations across the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions and lead the search for his replacement in London.

“The practice of product management has grown considerably across international markets, and Pendo aims to continue to be a leader in helping product managers grow their craft,” Scarantino said. “I am excited to expand Pendo’s market presence and support for customers in these growing tech communities around the world.” 

Bringing together the EMEA product community:

Pendomonium serves as an annual “state of the union” for Pendo, where the product management community gathers for inspiring keynotes, timely educational sessions, and a comprehensive update on Pendo’s vision for its future. The London lineup featured sessions by leaders from European technology companies like Elsevier, Advanced, Ebsta, Opus 2, and Clarivate Analytics.

From the main stage, Olson detailed a series of new products and features, including:

  • Pendo Simon: A new machine learning capability based in Pendo’s Israel office, which enables product teams to identify patterns in and derive insights from massive data sets.
  • Smart Feedback: Powered by Pendo Simon, a new feature in Pendo Feedback called Topics allows companies to automatically extract topics and trends from customers’ feature requests. Requests integrate with Pendo Roadmapping, so product teams can easily tie customer feedback to roadmap initiatives and tell a more compelling story about the features they plan to deliver. Pendo Feedback is led by a Sheffield, UK-based product and engineering team.
  • コラボレーション可能なPendoダッシュボード:ダッシュボードの一連の機能強化により、プロダクトチームは組織の垣根なく簡単に共同作業を行うことができます。ダッシュボードをカスタマイズしたり共有したり、他のプロダクトマネジメントツールを埋め込んだり、ダッシュボード内に注釈を付けてプロジェクトに関するコンテキストを表示することが可能です。
  • Pendo Free, now for mobile: Building on the momentum of Pendo Free, now used by more than 2,100 companies, Pendo Free for Mobile gives product teams the ability to deploy Pendo’s analytics and in-app guidance capabilities on any mobile application. Pendo’s mobile development work is led by its Israel R&D center.
  • Reimagined Pendo Adopt: A new version of Pendo’s digital adoption solution includes analytics that help companies measure how employees are adopting workplace software, and a simplified studio for creating in-app employee onboarding, training and communications.

Pendo also recognized two European customers for their use of Pendo to achieve positive business outcomes. Clarivate Analytics won the Business Impact Award and Advanced, Product-Led Organization of the Year.


Pendoは、「ソフトウェアで世界のプロダクト体験を向上する」をミッションに掲げ、ユーザーの期待にソフトウェアを近づけるためのプロダクトプラットフォームを提供しています。2013年にノースカロライナ州ローリーに設立されたPendoは、世界7拠点にオフィスを構え、従業員は950人以上にまで拡大。顧客企業は、米Salesforce.comや米Trend Microなど2000社を超えており、「フォーチュン500」企業にも多数導入されています。Pendoはコミュニティ活動やイベント、ポッドキャストなどを通じて、世界中のデジタルリーダーの成功を サポートすることを目指しています。2020年11月1日に、 Japan株式会社として日本法人を設立。公式ホームページ