The State of Product Leadership 2019 UK

The State of Product Leadership 2019 | UK Edition

For the past two years, the State of Product Leadership has peered into the roles of product leaders in North America. This year, with the opening of Pendo’s London office and Product Collective’s INDUSTRY conference in Dublin, we’ve brought this popular analysis across the pond. Introducing the first annual State of Product Leadership: U.K. Edition.

We surveyed 100 product leaders across the United Kingdom who own or lead teams focused on software products. We asked them about their responsibilities, effectiveness, organisational structure, career paths, and job satisfaction.

We found some surprising things:

  • PMs see their roles as relatively broad, with direct responsibilities that span across the business, such as planning go-to-market strategy and achieving revenue goals.
  • PMs are more focused on alignment with design and go-to-market roles like UX, marketing, and customer success than with their core engineering constituents.
  • Many PMs say there’s a significant gap in their current relationship with business operations, despite reporting it as their most important area of alignment.
  • To a much larger degree than their North American counterparts, U.K. product managers are satisfied in their current roles.

This eBook discusses the key findings from our research, outlines a profile of today’s product leaders, and provides recommendations for how to apply these findings with your own teams.


We surveyed 100 largely B2B product leaders from digital product companies (both software companies and traditional enterprises).

The majority of respondents work for B2B SaaS or hybrid companies, but a healthy sample also represent on-premise and traditional enterprise organisations.

The survey focuses mostly on England with the majority of respondents hailing from tech-centric regions like Greater London and the Southeast. Companies in our sample range from less than $25 million in revenue to over $1 billion.