Accelerate time to value with tailored onboarding, coaching, and education

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Pendo Professional Services is dedicated to helping customers achieve their desired outcomes with Pendo.

Our team of engagement managers, solutions engineers, and technical onboarding specialists has helped over 500 Pendo customers implement and leverage Pendo successfully, and we’re excited to help you overcome your most difficult product challenges.

Professional service offerings and capabilities are wide-reaching and tailored to the needs and goals of each customer. From onboarding or consulting to customized application integrations, we are equipped to support a diverse set of objectives for any organization.



With our Enablement offerings, you are empowered to start strong. Our onboarding packages accelerate your ability to gain value from Pendo and arm your entire team to take full advantage of the platform.



Our Education offerings introduce the powerful possibilities that come from leveraging Pendo best practices. Education services allow you to gain awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the capabilities provided by Pendo and are ideal for customers who want to understand how modern product management practices can be applied and realized through the platform.



Consulting offerings represent our expertise in action. Our consultants work with each customer to provide tailored guidance and execution assistance. Consulting services are ideal when we can work hand-in-hand with a customer to deliver a specific outcome using Pendo.


Want to learn more?

Contact our professional services group at [email protected] to talk about how we can help your organization get the most out of Pendo.

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Pendo Professional Services photo
Pendo Professional Services photo
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Pendo Essentials Training Certification

Experience a full day on-site session with a dedicated implementation specialist. Pendo Essentials is designed to educate and enable your team on Pendo capabilities and best practices. Learn core Pendo functionality, including tagging pages and features, creating segments based on product usage, leveraging visitor account information, setting up a staging environment, and creating guides that solve for specific scenarios. Leave with complete confidence that you can tackle your core objectives with Pendo.

Upcoming Courses

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