Pendo Product Team

Behind the product for product people

Our team is stacked with passionate, diverse, and curious people with unrivaled passion for our craft and the customers we serve. Although we come from different places, backgrounds, and industries, we’re united by the mission to improve society’s experience with the software products we use every day.

Our team

The Pendo product team is highly collaborative, partnering across engineering, sales, and customer success to deliver high value features and solutions to incredibly difficult problems. We come from great companies like Google, Intuit, Box, Frog, Yelp and many others.

Pendo Product Team Diagram
Pendo Product Team
Pendozer Adrienne Gajownik
Pendo Product Team
Pendo Chief Product Officer Brian Crofts

Our principles

In addition to Pendo’s Core Values the product team principles drive the decisions behind how we work.

Product Team Values_Deliver Results

Deliver Results - Ensuring we deliver experiences that create customer delight .

Product Team Values Empathetic

Empathetic - Understanding the true “why” behind any customer problem we are trying to solve.

Product Team Values Analytical

Analytical - Applying our intuition and data to drive decision-making.

Product Team Values Strategic

Strategic - Thoughtful and “choiceful” about how we execute against our vision.

Product Team Values Faciltative

Facilitative - Effectively communicating, influencing, and partnering across teams.

Pendo Product Team Keren Wexler

“Working at Pendo is a once in a lifetime experience. An awesome product that helps product people every day. A professional and creative team, working in full collaboration and no egos. Every day you learn something new, and it feels like family.”

Keren Wexler, Director of Product Management

Pendo Product Team coffee
Pendo Product Team Members

Awards & recognition

非公開クラウド企業で最高の職場 (2019年)

次世代の10億ドル規模のスタートアップ企業 (2018年)

Best Workplaces(2019)

クラウド 100: 世界で最高のクラウド企業 (2018年)

最も急成長した非公開企業 5000 社 (2019年)

プロダクト導入&デジタルアダプション部門のリーダー (2019年)

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