Pendo + BigQuery

What is it?

Get read-only access to Pendo single event product data in BigQuery, then use a third-party connector tool to extract those detailed product analytics to compare alongside your other important data sources. By integrating Pendo and BigQuery, your data warehouse can become the source of truth for all important data across your business.

Access millisecond-level read-only data from Pendo to provide your data teams the level of detail they need for analysis.

Use connectors to pull single event data necessary for custom path analysis, churn prediction algorithms, and advanced ML models.

Who is it for?

  • Data teams looking to access detailed product data to drive sophisticated analyses or data models
  • Large teams using BigQuery to store and analyze data from multiple sources
Connect Pendo and BigQuery

Why is it awesome?

  • Access detailed, millisecond level event information and non-aggregated events to enable even deeper path and funnel analysis, churn prediction, granular page load information, or anything else your team is looking to do with product-level click data.
  • Analyze pendo product data in conjunction with other important business data to make product data a key driver of business decisions.

What's possible with Pendo + BigQuery

Merge your Pendo event data with other important data across your organization to get an accurate prediction of projected spend, churn, and more.

Combine product usage data with sales and marketing data to get a granular view of important customers or prospects.

Build product path analysis models with Pendo data to see where people fall off user journey, and identify critical paths that indicate customer success.


  • BigQuery instance
  • Pendo admin access
  • Third party connector tool: In order to extract event data from Pendo’s BigQuery instance, you will need a connector tool such as Tray or Zapier.
  • This is a paid Pendo integration. Current customers, reach out to your Pendo representative for more information!
Connect Pendo and BigQuery