Pendo for Startups

Take the guesswork out of getting your product off the ground

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Looking for an edge over your competition, or a way to get the same level of insight into how your product is used that larger, established companies enjoy?

How about a way to ensure users find value in your product at every step of the user journey, so you can drive adoption and prove product-market fit to investors?

Welcome to the world of Pendo for Startups, the complete product engagement and adoption platform for early stage companies. No coding, no tagging, no guessing games–just deep insight and effortless in-app guidance.

What will I get?

With Pendo for Startups, you’ll get:

  • Retroactive product analytics for understanding user behavior at the deepest level
  • In-app messaging and guides to lead users to success and make sure they find value
  • In-app NPS, polls, and surveys to understand how users feel about your product
  • Pendo Feedback for collecting, organizing, and prioritizing feedback at scale.
  • An open API integration and 40+ other integrations (at an additional cost) to connect Pendo to your tech stack.

How do I know if I qualify?

You qualify for Pendo for Startups if you have:

  • A web or mobile application
  • Two or fewer products
  • 100 or fewer employees

What if I don’t qualify?

No problem. We have plenty of other options for getting the tools you need to understand and guide your users to success into your team’s hands.

If you’re ready to experience the full benefits of Pendo’s behavioral analytics and product adoption solutions, explore our pricing tiers to see which is the best fit for your organization.

Or, if you’re looking to test the waters and see what Pendo has to offer at no cost and with no commitments, check out Pendo Free.

What'll it cost me?

We’ve designed this offering to be accessible and affordable for any small company, right from its earliest stages. That way, you can be confident you’re making the right product decisions and show users your software’s true value from day one.

Eligible companies will receive exclusive, discounted pricing based on their Pendo for Startups package.
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Understand exactly what your users are doing across their entire product journey.

Pendo Analytics
Pendo In-app guides


Improve onboarding, feature adoption, and support with in-app guides and messaging.


Goodbye, messy spreadsheets. Automatically capture, organize, and prioritize user feedback at scale.

Pendo Feedback

How other startups have found success with Pendo:

Chekhub logo spotlight

“The ROI with Pendo was realized within a matter of weeks, not months or years. As a SaaS start-up we need to be thoughtful of how we utilize our resources. Pendo provides key product enhancements without the need for developers.”

Jon Trout | CEO, Chekhub

Casted logo spotlight

“Everybody has heard of Pendo, so it was really easy when they had those questions to say ‘Don’t worry, we have best-in-breed tech. That says, ‘Cool, you know what you’re doing.’”

Adam Patarino | Casted co-founder

Pendo customers are 40% more likely to raise a Series A than average seed-funded companies