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Product Analytics Certification Course

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The Product Analytics Certification Course from Pendo and Mind the Product dives deep into the foundations of product analytics strategy, use cases for leveraging analytics, and how to foster a data-driven product organization and company.

Complete the course and exam to earn a “Product Analytics Certified” badge for your professional profile. The course and certification exam are 100% online and self-paced. Usually $149, we’re offering the course for free for a limited time.

Who should participate

This course is designed for product leaders who want to grow their understanding of product analytics and bring data-driven practices to their own work, their team’s operating model, and their company’s culture.

Whether you’re brand new to product analytics or have some experience collecting and analyzing product data, this course will help you set the right foundation for leveraging data effectively and ensuring the rest of your organization follows suit.

What to expect

  • 7 educational modules on key product analytics concepts
  • 3 hours of engaging, instructor-led videos
  • Curriculum developed by industry leaders and product practitioners
  • Optional exam to check your knowledge and earn a certification badge

Explore the curriculum

Todd Olson | CEO and Co-founder, Pendo

Module 1: Welcome to the Product Analytics Certification Course

Get an overview of the Product Analytics Certification Course and what you can expect to learn.

Ryan Salomon | Sr. Director of Product Management, Pendo

Module 2: Product analytics, explained

Get a crash course on all things product analytics: what it is, why it matters, how the tools work, and how analytics fits into being product led. Learn definitions of key terms related to product analytics to serve as foundational knowledge for the rest of the course.

Emily Tate | Managing Director, Mind the Product

Module 3: Defining your product analytics strategy

You can’t be successful with product analytics without a clear strategy in place. Discover the key inputs to consider—including goals and metrics—and best practices for documenting getting alignment around your strategy.

Marcus Andrews | Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Pendo

Module 4: A framework for using product analytics effectively

Once you’ve built a product analytics strategy, the next step is to establish your operating model. Learn about the Product Analytics Hierarchy of Needs, a framework for implementing and maturing product analytics at your organization.

Stephanie Tanzar | Sr. Director of Product Management, Pendo

Module 5: Product analytics in practice

Dig into five use cases for leveraging product analytics throughout the development life cycle. Learn expert best practices and real-world examples around choosing aha moments, prioritization, identifying friction, and more.

Stephanie Tanzar | Sr. Director of Product Management, Pendo

Module 6: Using product analytics to make a business case

Get an overview of using analytics to support higher level product and business decisions. Learn the importance of aligning product outcomes to business outcomes from the onset of an idea, and how to build a business case for your work.

Clay Miner | Global VP of Sales and Value Engineering, Pendo

Module 7: Getting started with product analytics

How do you know when it’s time to invest in product analytics? Once you’ve identified the need, where should you start? Learn best practices for choosing the right analytics tool, building the case internally, and establishing key processes and workflows.

More ways to learn

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