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Planhat’s native Pendo integration allows users to sync all Pendo product data to their Planhat instance, including: Product Engagement Score, Features, Pages, Visitor Reports, Account Reports, and Custom Queries (Pendo Aggregations). Planhat also supports Multi-App subscriptions, splitting data into app-specific metrics automatically. Planhat will also create new end users or update existing end users in Planhat based on Pendo data. All these data points can be transformed with Planhat’s no-code time-series analytics, giving you all the metrics you need to understand customers’ behavior and drive success proactively throughout their lifecycle.

Who is it for?

  • Any Planhat + Pendo customer who wants to understand how product usage impacts the customer lifecycle can leverage this integration

Why is it awesome?

  • Bringing Pendo data into Planhat enables you to act on product usage in the context of all the rest of your customer data. Is your Onboarding process leading to high adoption? Do EBRs lead to improved product usage? Is your training effective?
  • Use Pendo data proactively to drive your customer lifecycle forward: For example, if a user disengages with the product, automatically drop them in an email sequence to educate them about recent product releases.

What's possible with Pendo + Planhat

  • Proactively engage with disengaged users by using Pendo data to trigger workflows and actions when usage declines
  • Engage with expansion opportunities by using Pendo to create opportunities and kick off related workflows when product usage signals are met
  • Create balanced customer healthscores using Pendo data alongside other data types: Invoices, tickets, revenue, forecasts, CSM sentiment and more
  • Provide a holistic overview of portfolio- and customer-level behavior by building dashboards with Pendo product usage alongside other time-series data


  • This is a partner-built integration. Please reach out to Planhat with specific questions.
  • Setup requires admin access to Pendo and Planhat.
  • Pendo API access required to connect.


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