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This two-way data integration allows you to connect Pendo product usage, sentiment, and feedback data with your Salesforce service, sales, and marketing data.
Pull any Salesforce data field into Pendo, to more effectively slice and dice product data, and segment and target users based on important attributes assigned in Salesforce.
Push Pendo data into Salesforce, using product usage, sentiment, and user feedback to inform workflows, generate tasks, send notifications, create reports, and pass data on to other third-party integrations.

Who is it for?

  • Pendo customers who use Salesforce
  • Companies who want to connect their product’s usage and customer sentiment data to business goals, like growth and retention
  • Go-to-market teams looking to connect their product with the rest of their customer journey

Why is it awesome?

  • Map contacts and companies in Salesforce to visitors and accounts in Pendo to gain clarity into how customers and companies use your app.
  • Connect your data to give go-to-market teams a more nuanced picture of your customers. This allows them to better understand, segment, and effectively target them with marketing, sales, and service campaigns.
  • Give marketing and sales teams visibility into the product to allow for cross-functional collaboration.
  • Use Pendo behavioral data to trigger marketing, sales, and service outreach and communications.

What's possible with Pendo + Salesforce

  • Send in-app guides in Pendo based on where a visitor is in your sales process.
  • Create tasks for Customer Success when a customer’s in-app activity drops below a certain amount.
  • Join Pendo data with existing Salesforce support data to create a customer or account health score.
  • Trigger an outreach (email, phone call) based on observed behavior in an application.
  • Create an email drip campaign for low usage accounts.
  • Use other marketing channels to respond to product feedback.


  • This integration is available as a paid add-on for all Pendo subscriptions. Current customers: Contact your Pendo account representative to purchase.
  • Salesforce account
  • Pendo admin access
  • Salesforce admin access


  • MPOWR_Envision
    By connecting Pendo with Salesforce, MPOWR's customer success team was able to build dashboards to determine whether an account was at risk and needed some intervention, or if they were close to running out of seats and ripe for expansion.

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