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Make your product data actionable with Pendo and Breadcrumbs. After you connect Pendo to your CRM (i.e. HubSpot or Salesforce), Breadcrumbs will act in real-time and enrich the data in your scoring model so that it will be easier than ever to upsell current customers and detect clients that are sending you churn signals. By enriching your CRM data with Pendo, Breadcrumbs can easily analyze and score your customer and prospect data to identify hidden revenue opportunities.

Who is it for?

  • Teams that want to use Pendo data to identify revenue opportunities
  • Marketing teams looking to connect the full customer journey

Why is it awesome?

  • Get the complete picture — in one place. When adding Pendo to Breadcrumbs, you will bring all your data sources together to get the full scope of the actions a contact takes, all in one source of truth.
  • Send Breadcrumbs all the in-product events you are tracking and we will automatically update your scoring model with the most accurate version based on your live data.
  • Focus on the intent. When used with your CRM data in Breadcrumbs, your Pendo data will provide another dimension of information. Get a deeper intent data set that provides another lens into the actions your customers are taking.

What's possible with Pendo + Breadcrumbs

  • Have an always-up-to-date scoring model based on your live in-product data
  • Connect the dots and complement your CRM data with product usage data
  • Get the full picture about your customers and make data-driven decisions
  • Track individual users actions and bring in-product usage data to your scoring model


  • Note: This integration is built and managed by Breadcrumbs. Consult their support team with questions.
  • Connect Pendo with your preferred CRM to then connect with Breadcrumbs.
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