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This integration allows you to map contacts and companies in HubSpot to visitor and account data in Pendo. Use this HubSpot data in Pendo to gain clarity into how your customers use your product.
Pull HubSpot contact data into Pendo to create a holistic picture of your customers, and connect product usage to important marketing and sales initiatives.

Who is it for?

  • Pendo customers who use HubSpot (any package)
  • Companies who have an app and want to connect product usage to business goals such as growth and retention
  • Marketing teams looking for a better communication channel. In-app comms are dramatically more effective than email marketing.

Why is it awesome?

  • By mapping contacts and companies in HubSpot to visitors and accounts in Pendo, you get clarity into how the people in your CRM are using your app.
  • Pendo でのセグメント作成に HubSpot のデータを使用できます。ガイド、インサイト、レポートにある特定の連絡先や企業に基づき、Pendo セグメントを作れます。
  • Report on product usage by customer tiers, pricing, or account status. Adding HubSpot metadata to Pendo unlocks a new layer of data discovery and engagement.

Optimize your digital workplace

  • Combine product insights in Pendo with trial conversion or upsells in HubSpot to identify features and usage patterns that result in increased revenue.
  • Create Pendo segments based on important HubSpot sales and marketing data, such as renewal date or contract size.
  • Increase retention of crucial accounts by sending targeted Pendo in-app guides.


  • This integration is available as a paid add-on for all Pendo subscriptions. Current customers: Contact your Pendo account representative to purchase.
  • HubSpot のアカウントが必要です。このインテグレーションは、Marketing Hub や無料の HubSpot の全バージョンを含め、HubSpot のどのパッケージでも機能します。
  • To connect, you must have Pendo and HubSpot admin access.


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