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Data Out


Push a preview of product analytics, guides, and NPS information into your instance of Slack. Create a channel specifically for NPS or see a data rich preview when you paste any Pendo link in Slack.

Who is it for?

  • Companies with Pendo who also communicate and collaborate with Slack
  • Product teams who want to share insights, but know not everyone will log into Pendo
  • CPOs and CEOs who want to build a customer-first business that takes customer feedback seriously

Why is it awesome?

  • There are two big components to this integration. The first are Slack preview links. Once authorized, any Pendo link pasted into Slack will now come with a data rich preview of what it’s linking to (unfurl links). Users will see Slack link previews when links to specific analytics or guides are shared. This allows you and your colleagues to benefit from Pendo insights at a glance, without having to jump into the app, unless you want to. Even more data awaits you there.
  • The second is Pendo NPS for Slack. This allows you to see real-time NPS responses directly in Slack. You can send NPS submissions to a channel of your choice. Then, configure custom metadata for more informative summaries to help you act on the responses. Customer feedback is a gift, but if you can’t act on it it’s hard to benefit from it. Having a dedicated NPS slack channel puts that feedback into the hands of everyone at your company, where it can become a real resource.


  • This is a free integration, available to all Pendo + Slack users
  • Setup requires admin permissions to your Pendo and Slack accounts


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